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A brief information about Hilary 4WD:
This workshop sells and installs car accessories, spare parts and all equipment for two wheel drive cars and four wheelsIn addition, the company is doing business, such as cars repair, carrying out routine servicing, such as replacing a car engine oil, oil filter, change the batteries and water. The company also provides services such as cars modified, installing the new suspension, 
snorkels or a spoiler. In addition, the company also provides repair services and reconnection of car’s electrical 
and electronic wiring.
Inspection and car care tips are also provided for free of charge here.
Message from Hilary:
I am a mechanic and vehicle accessories specialist, and able to meet all u need and willing to discuss what is best 4 your vehicle, it may be an upgrading of part-e.g puting a better suspension;spring,shock absorber,bushing,installing bar,snorkel,winch & more...

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